Sunday, December 23, 2007

yes Virginia, there is a Germany

Made it! Not without my suitcase being lost and us spending over an hour wandering the airport to track it down - and a few other mishaps with meeting up and parking. BUT... Dee did meet me with a big "Ich Liebe Dich" gingerbread heart cookie that I was supposed to wear around my neck (here's a picture - looks like someone got to it before I got the picture taken...)!

The flight was fun; I really tried to sleep most of it, but the food (for airplane food) was lovely, and it was jolly fun having a full-auto-control seat in which I could nearly lay flat. I could have stayed there twice as long! ;)

While we were in Frankfort, we decided to try to see the Christmas mart, as most of them in the surrounding towns have pretty much wrapped up, already. Unfortunately, although Frankfort's was supposed to be still going, the vendors must have gotten tired of it, because all we saw were people breaking down and moving out these cool little huts that must have been great fun to see when they were up and running. (So sorry Patrick, no gluhwein yet - although Dee has a bottle we might break open tonight!) We wandered about the city, got ourselves lost a few times, and then headed out toward Heidelberg where Deanna lives.

And decided to stop at a castle that just happens to be on the way! Schloss Auerbach was built in the 1300s, and looks like it was primarily a fortress-style castle (lots of slots for archers in the outer and inner walls). It was great fun to wander about, climb the two tall towers, and wonder what the landscape looks like without all the fog. It helped that since I've arrived all of the trees have been coated in the most beautiful hoarfrost. The frost was falling on us as we approached the castle (you can see it in the picture if you look carefully!).

Then we got to Dee & Ben's place, and I got to see Zani-the-kitty (who I haven't seen since she moved out with Deanna 8 years ago! I think we're still friends). Their apartment is beautiful - clean and IKEA-esqu with wooden floors and heaps of skylights. I'm in an attic room with a ROUND BED! That's a new one for me! Am looking forward to seeing how it bounces. We've been settling in a bit - I'm fighting sleep and will try to do so till 8 or 9 or so. :) Click here for more pictures of the castle & our trip from Frankfort.


  1. You two look awfully cute!!!


  2. Wow! So cool about the castle. I hope I get to see one someday as I love castles :)
    How are you doing with the kitty and the allergies?

  3. Awesome, a real castle. I'm jealous!