Friday, December 21, 2007

Deutschland Dizzy

So, I'm creating a mini-blog to cover my trip to Germany for the week - I'd like to share it with a broader audience than I (so far) have shared this one with.

So if you want to see updates about the trip, here's your link!

(and side note; I've been homeworking like MAD! I finally finished one class on Wednesday (hooray!!)... but I did not get the second one fully done. The good news is I should be able to get most of the tuition reimbursement based on the first one. The bad news? I still have the second hanging around in my conscience. After my trip to Germany, I'll stop it and just enjoy being there.)

One thing that will be nice about being back in Appleton after the term's end (hopefully) is having less of that constant grinding pressure to get a million things done - I've been pretty dang regimented about homework and gifts-figuring-out, so I'm VERY ready for relaxed and marvelous trip. :-D

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  1. Have fun in Germany, Angela! Merry Christmas :)