Monday, May 08, 2006

flies & travel

This Wed. is my last class for the term, so I'm hoping things will slow down a bit after that. Not sure they will though... it seems I get myself into one thing after another! I was out at High Cliff on Friday night and Sunday, and the lake flies (I think that's what they were) were really bad in spots. When we were in the woods they weren't so bad, but on the mowed grass near the lake they were TERRIBLE - it still gives me shivers to think about it!
I really like to travel. And I like traveling with different people, although that usually really affects the kind of trip that it is. My friend Paula is 54, so when I travel with her the fun is in the conversation more than in activity. Although we did get stuck in Hurricane Jeanne in West Palm in 2004 - that was an adventure, I suppose! Missions trips and work projects - the fun is all in interacting with the work/mission group and connecting with whoever we're hoping to help. And in the sense of satisfaction of accomplishing something in the world. Camping trips of various kinds - the fun is in being with a group of people and figuring out how to live on "less" (and still eat well!), and (often) in having adventures together. With my family - the focus is on the interrelationships, with a fair bit of fishing :) and shopping :( thrown in. I do have fun on my own - really! I've had a good time traveling for work by myself, but so many things are just better when shared.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Today after work I went to a nature preserve and rambled around. I almost ran into a last-year fawn and I don't know who scared who more. I made a funny noise that I'm glad no one was around to hear, but it did make me laugh. Then I got lost. For real lost - I left the trail to investigate something (not one of my brighter moments), and I turned around to go back and the trail had moved! That wasn't fun. I did figure it out after 15 or 20 minutes. I've never been lost like that before, so the "funnest" part of my evening was probably finding the trail again. I almost kissed it!