Sunday, January 22, 2012

same song, bajillionth verse

You guessed it, I'm back in the midst of another class. The main difference between this class and the others is that IT IS MY SECOND-TO-LAST ONE!! You heard right, I have one class after this one and I'm done! Actually, there's another, fairly important difference. This class is asking me to come up with a project where I plan/help plan a significant technology implementation from start to finish. Thing is - I'd say that's about 60% of what I've done at ThedaCare for the past six-ish years. I have no idea how I'd do this thing if I were just coming out of undergrad, but this is one where work experience is priceless. I already checked with my prof and she thought that a project I'm working on full-steam-ahead right now would be perfect. So there you go! I'm hoping I'll be able to "plug in" the work I'm ready doing and come up with a 30-page paper without too much fuss. Nothing like starting out optimistically anyway!