Saturday, April 10, 2010

somebody please feel sorry for me

What are the major activities of strategic management? How are they linked together?
Explain and illustrate the possible benefits of strategic management. What types of health care institutions may benefit most from strategic management?
At what organizational level(s) may a strategy be developed? If at more than one level, how are these levels linked by the planning process?
How has the role of the strategic planner changed over the past several decades? What new skills will be essential for the strategic planner?
What is meant by the statement, "strategic leaders should try to create the future"?
What are the specific goals of environmental analysis?
How does the scanning process create a "window" to the external environment?
How does the window concept help in understanding organizations and the types of information they produce?
Why is the process of environmental analysis as important as the product?
What are some important technological, social, political, regulatory, economic, and competitive issues that are affecting health care today?
What are an organization's strategic assumptions? How may the strategic assumptions be evaluated as part of managing the strategic momentum? 

And this is only Assignment 1!

I'm really tempted to go on a rant about this - but I'd best just get over it and get started.... I hope I appreciate my MBA properly, once I've finally earned it!