Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Day in Heidelberg

Merry Christmas Eve, friends near and far!

Deanna's summary of today:
"Just say you had gluhwein and you watched a French movie and you ate some French cheese (greyere), and we watched some German guy cut a huge loaf of bread and you ate the best apfel strudel you ever had in your life. And you laughed like a mad woman at all Deanna's hilarious jokes. And hypothesized about why European pavement is usually curved (is it that that's how the guy doing it can best follow the path of his arm's reach - in rainbow shapes? - or that it might not be quite so slippery or change shape so much that way?)."

That's pretty much it! We did some errands this morning down town, and this evening headed to "the cool part" of Heidelberg; very fun to see the old streets and shops and window displays. And the strudel was... indescribable. I have a new culinary challenge! We also had fun just sitting around and catching up more. Then we opened presents! She got me these super-cool pottery bowls that have polka-dots on them. And the coolest little journal that's held together with a long toothpicky thing. Woo hoo!

And thanks for the e-mails and posted responses to this blog! (Hey Becky, good question about the kitty! For some reason Zani doesn't get me at all; she must not have a ton of dander, and then she's not allowed up in the attic where I sleep, and it's all hardwood floors down here? Anyway, I'm glad I'm not needing an inhaler all the time or something!). More pictures of the day are posted to the end of this set! (And game night - I finally got the pics from last Tuesday added there as well...)

I'm so thankful for the birth of Christ, and for all that became possible when "God became flesh and dwelt among us".

I wish each of you joy, heaps and barrels of true and beautiful joy.


  1. Wonderful pictures & thanks. I felt like I was there with you shopping! Your Uncle Jim spent a month in Germany in 1986 with the Natl. Guard so enjoyed seeing those castles, etc... So glad you're having fun. Hugs, Aunt Lynnette