Sunday, December 02, 2007

the fattest wudgy wittle Christmas twee in the world

So! I was not going to get a Christmas tree this year. As nearly as I can guess, if I want to get my schooling done in time to get it reimbursed by work for 2007, I need to do about 5 hours of homework a day between now and Christmas (today's is done, hence the luxury of blogging!). Add to that Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking, the occasional ramble and times with friends and then packing/prepping for a week in Germany and I couldn't see it happening.
But I couldn't do it. Somehow the thought of not pulling out ornaments and having the warm lights to study by just didn't seem do-able. Then I got the lovely gift of a tree skirt, and there was no more option. I couldn't leave it till next year. So today after church I stopped by a lot, found the funniest-looking tree I could, had them whack off the bottom half (small trees are gazillions of times easier to deal with than tall ones), paid them $10, and voila! It fit in my trunk with the lid closed! I somehow like the reject trees in all of their off-set glory. And the fun thing is - they still look beautiful with lights and ornaments; at least I think they do. I was able to bribe Serena with tea and fresh-baked cookies to come over and we had great fun setting it up and decorating it and my apartment.
Isn't the new tree skirt lovely? And isn't the tree just so cute that if it had cheeks you'd just pinch them and say "wudgy wudgy woo"?


  1. That *is* an adorable tree! I can't wait to see it in person :)
    -Becky <><

  2. There's nothing wrong with a charlie brown:) I like it lots, and i'm sure it's happy to have a good home.

    I hope that you have many more days with extra time!

  3. That is the greatest tree ever!

  4. Well, it's just darling!!! Wish I'd have thought of that. Imagine you're getting excited about your trip. Thinking of you, Aunt Lynnette