Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Battle of Culloden

Telling us all about the battle - in this case - that the Victorians romanticized things a bit when they made memorials for the site!
We got so much fun advice from friends as they learned about our upcoming trip to Scotland. Not least was when our friend Beth suggested catching the museum and site of the Battle of Culloden.

This place really was neat - it not only included walking tours of the battlefield, but also had displays inside that included a timeline walk showing perspectives from both sides that fought in the battle, and a scaled map table that showed lights depicting the action during the battle as lines advanced and retreated... just really neat. More photos here.

Yep, that's our rental car... 
'Member when I mentioned our museum geekiness in my last post?

So - we got to the museum, did a tour of the actual battlefield, left to go check out a cheese shop (a.k.a. lunch!), and then returned to pretty much shut the place down.

Yup, some people close down the bars... we close down the museums...

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