Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back in Edinburgh

Have we mentioned that we really liked Edinburgh? We started there, and it was great to wrap up our time in Scotland there. Coming back to a city where you know your way around (a bit), where you can finish up on a few things you had wanted to catch the first time around, and where you can return your rental car is a pretty sweet schtick. This time we stayed in a hotel near the railway station so we could leave early the next day, and we set off to pick up where we'd left off.

I'm guessing you know we're museum geeks by now... we'd shut down two already, and had a third opened just for us. The problem was that with the first one we'd shut down, the National Museum of Scotland, we'd only gotten through the first three floors that go through prehistory, the earliest humans in Scotland, and "Kingdom of the Scots". We had to FINISH! So we picked up where we'd left off, beginning with "Scotland Transformed", making it through "Industry and Empire", and wrapping up with "Scotland, A Changing Nation" right as they kicked us out for close.

Thankfully, it was still light out, so we had time to wander toward Arthur's Seat and make that lovely climb. Click on the photo to see MORE photos...

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