Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Clynelish Farm

Ok, where was I? The last we left our characters, they were bashing about the very north-est north part of Scotland. Let's catch up...

As we began wandering south again, I started looking for B&Bs near Brora... and I hit the jackpot! Victoria and her hubby Jason run Clynelish Farmhouse B&B a working farm right next to the Clynelish Distillery.

We both agreed later that this was our favorite part of the entire trip. We stayed there two nights and both evenings ended up, tucked in next to the fireplace downstairs, snacking on wine and cheese, and talking with Victoria about farming, Scotland, and pretty much everything!

We liked Brora (the nearby town) too; we took a lovely walk along the ocean to see seals... and actually saw them! We visited Dunrobin Castle - we honestly meant to just stop by quick on our way to a long hike... and-we-just-couldn't-leave!

Now is as good a time as any to confess: I MARRIED A MUSEUM GEEK. AND SO DID MY HUSBAND. We don't seem to be able to stop by any historical place without both of us wanting to make sure we check out ALL the rooms and read ALL the informational displays. I guess it's a really good thing that we're both that way - but it does mean that there's no such thing as a quick run-through... anywhere!

One of the highlights of our time at the castle was a falconry show; they have a professional falconer on site and he shared amazing facts about falconry as a sport and about the individual birds in his care.
I added a bunch of photos here, with more descriptions of our times around Brora.

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