Saturday, April 26, 2008

kissy boots

Shame is a great motivator. Money works nearly as well. Please note the tiny bit of the Status Bar that is now filled in for my Organizational Behavior course.
In more interesting news, some people in the world have new shoes! Ain't they pretty, though? My friend Tammy and I went shoe shopping today - she's trying to get geared up for our backpacking trip on Memorial Day weekend, and my trail runners are getting worn. And we both ended up with the same shoe! (I'm a little concerned that no one on our backpacking trip will be able to tell us apart).
This past week a few of us were researching both sides of the whole light backpacking/need for super-supportive (heavy) hiking boots debate - and now you know where Tammy and I landed on it! Javier kind of went in between with some higher-topped hiking boots that are super-comfy and actually quite light. It should work out well as we're planning on having him carry most of our gear. I feel kind of sad to leave my heavy hiking boots behind, but I used them last summer as work boots on the St. Louis trip and they worked great - so they won't just be taking up space in my closet!
Er - and if you've never heard of Kissy Boots, that's probably ok - it's definitely not for every sense of humor - but it's from Teen Girl Squad, Issue 8.


  1. Fun times! I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear my "tennis shoes" instead of hiking boots, as well. I love my Merrill's!!!

  2. Who's going to carry the gear when I'm carrying you and your two busted ankles off the island? Seriously though, nice sneakers. Editor's Choice too... very fancy.