Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm younger than that now

Apparently this is my 50th post, but that doesn't seem right, so I'll talk about my birthday instead. If you must have birthdays - and really, I think you must - perhaps try having them like this:
  • have different coworkers take you out for at least two meals
  • invite a bunch of friends who don't know each other to dinner at Koreana (that is everybody's favorite, right?). So cool when your favorite people meet your other favorite people!
  • get lots of jolly calls and voice mail messages and birthday cards and "howdy"s on facebook
  • help a friend put on a baby shower for her sister
  • have a little surprise birthday party put on for you by the above exhausted people (really, it's a little mean to insist on this one - so maybe play that part by ear?). It doesn't hurt to see if their brother might play the piano for you and work with his dad on your car.
  • drive a Corvette! (I'm still all shivery from that one!)
  • have friends take you to Koreana (again) and Red Lobster
  • have your parents come up for the weekend following your birthday, just to keep things rolling
OK, really, besides the first Koreana bit everything else really was the result of having just about the most amazing set of friends and coworkers in the world. Seriously. They're not up for trade or adoption.
I wish I had more pictures of all the different things, but 12 points to whoever can guess where Tom and I are without checking out more of the pictures! (Points are useful to save up to earn decoder rings - just ask Patrick!).


  1. I have a guess, but I sort of cheated. I went to Mary's blog and read something about a tour of John Deere. I'm guessing you're in the rim of a tractor!

    Sounds like your birthday was a blast! Thanks for linking to Mary's blog, too. She's fun to read, just like you :)

  2. Sweet! Sounds like fun to me.