Friday, April 25, 2008

failure (please send $$)

For those of you who may labor under the impression that I have my act together, it's confession time. I just wasted $65 extending the deadline for my class because I've been doing everything BUT schoolwork for the last few months. Can't tell you how frustrated and ashamed I feel.

And along the same lines: I've been registered for a while to run in the Sole Burner, a run/walk for fighting cancer. But I just realized that all my fund raising was supposed to be done by this coming Thursday. So this is short notice, but would you be willing to sponsor me? Here's the info I'm supposed to fill out. Thank you!

In other news, I've been following a saga with my cousin and her husband - she was pregnant and went through horrible, pregnancy-induced colitis, and just this past weekend they lost the baby. It's been too much for me to write about... but please pray for Abby and Jeremy as they hopefully get her recovered soon to the point where she can go home, and that they'll have healing after this traumatic time.

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