Wednesday, February 27, 2008

techknowledge conference

OK, it's really feeling impossible to be at a conference about technology and learning all week and not share something about all I've learned. So I won't get into details, but these are cool things I have picked up.

"Wikis in Plain English"
"Blogs in Plain English"
(these are very cool, even if you already happen to be one of the favored few who knows what both of those things are).

And then, did you know:
  • you can text Google, and receive instant text back for phone numbers & other info? (MUCH cheaper than spending $2 a call for dialing 411!). Try it! Text to Googl (e not required if you're lazy: the numbers 46645):
    • pizza 54911 [phone number, address]
    • amzn [to get the stock price]
    • ua115 [airline/flight number]
    • weather paris
    • 54911 to chicago [directions]
    • define schadenfreude [to settle Scrabble arguments]
  • you can go to and have all your numbers and voice mails sent seamlessly to one number - and even switch between them mid-call? I know we can't get YouTube at work, so again, check this one out at home: (it's hilarious!)
  • you can have voice mail messages converted to text automatically (MUCH better than trying to take notes on what was said - and you can sort through them and choose which to read first)
    • (paid)
    • (free)
(I haven't tried any of these myself yet, so play at your own risk!) :) These are all from a talk by David Pogue of the New York Times.

I'll be curious about what you think!


  1. Wow! I checked out the YouTube video and that sounds pretty cool! I just don't talk enough on the phone to want/need something like that.

    All of those other features sounds neat, too. My other thought is, "I've gotten along fine without all this stuff before. Would I actually use it?" Know what I mean?

    Sounds like a fun conference, Angela!

  2. Yeah - I like how the video shows both the positive AND the negative of going that route. But if nothing else, it's interesting! I'm thinking about doing it - we'll see - because I do have work - home - cell - pager, and it would be nice to use the caller ID on my cell when something comes through to my home phone. And I have wanted to switch between the two before when my battery was dying or I was using too many cell minutes. Hmmm!