Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rosie the Riveter

So - I am now a week in as Manager - Organizational Training and Development at a really neat organization called Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System. Here's a link to their web site:

Basically, they have hospitals and clinics in Colorado, Kansas, and Montana, and around 15,000 employees. I'll be supporting mainly on the clinic side of things. As I was interviewing with various folks, I just got a really neat sense from each person I talked to. They all seem to really like working there, and they all are working hard to fix a lot of the challenges that have come up because of recent growth. In some ways, ThedaCare was further down the road, so I think I'll have something to offer - even as I'll have SO MUCH to learn. It's a different business, they've done things differently, and it's in a division that I have a lot to learn about - good challenges!

It wears me out, though! I come home with my brain buzzing... acronyms, faces, names, and org charts dance in my head. Someday the alphabet soup will sort itself into meaning, but until then I keep thinking I can wrestle them all into submission - and that is really exhausting.

Patrick and I are trying to figure out our schedule with me working.

  • he cooks Monday
  • leftovers/team work Tuesday
  • out to eat Wednesday
  • I cook Thursday
  • cleaning happens magically when neither of us is here
This week's REALITY:
  • Patrick cooked Monday
  • Patrick cooked Tuesday
  • we went out to eat Wednesday
  • Patrick cooked today
  • ha!
We both gave a few things a lick and a promise, but real cleaning may take a while to figure out. How did I do this when I was single? I'm hoping that work won't take quite so much outta me once I've hit my stride again. In the meantime, he suggested getting in a cleaning person now that I have a job... might not be the worst idea! 

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