Tuesday, April 08, 2014


So - what do you do when you haven't blogged in a year or so? Do you just start right back in again where you left off? Or do you try to catch up in bits and pieces? Or write a big summary blog?

I suppose there's no exact right answer, so I think I might try some kind of crazy mix of all three. I will try to post a few posts of fun stuff that's happened in the past year, and I will back-date it... but that may be confusing for any of you who get my posts via email. Pshaw, you're smart. You'll figure it out.

So - today I had the first of a second round of interviews for a Training Manager position with a good-sized health care organization based here in the Denver area. Since moving out here in October I've been playing housewife, of all things, so it's weird to be talking business-speak again and thinking about all the stuff I was doing professionally before I left Wisconsin. I've been doing some work for ThedaCare remotely since I left, so I have sort of kept my hand in - but I've mostly been getting a feel for all things Colorado. I have to say it's been pretty fun. Getting a real live full-time job will be good - but a big change. We'll see if I have that chance soon!


  1. I've been wondering if you've been doing any job searching or not. Good luck and keep us updated :)