Monday, February 18, 2013

Estoy en Mexico

For the last two-ish months I have been trying to brush up a bit on my Spanish. I took it in 8th grade, and then took bunches of Russian after that. Oddly enough, I remember more Spanish than I do Russian - and that really isn't saying much. However, my public library offers a program called Mango Languages that has been a really neat way to brush up a bit. I can't say I can speak well AT ALL now, but it has been fun to figure out a lot more of what folks are saying than I did before starting the course.
And why Spanish? Why, because my friends Justin and Michelle are getting married in Mexico this Friday! It turns out that over 50 folks (including Patrick, Jamie, Aaron, Laura, and myself) will be flying down and joining them for the fun. And so here we are! Aaron and Laura are joining us Wednesday, so in the meantime, Patrick, Jamie and I have been relaxing in a whole new way (I've never done an "all inclusive" beach-style vacation before - wowsa!). Es muy divertido!

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