Saturday, May 17, 2008

pearls before breakfast

So - I have something! It's called eosinophilic esophagitis, and it's not particularly fun (I'll be on antacids & steroids at least for the summer, at which time the doc will re-assess), but it's not bad either considering some of the other nasty things it might have been. (I don't know if you can say "huzzah" to that, but I think I'll do it anyway: huzzah!)

Things are cooking right along; I'm feeling seriously overwhelmed in this last push toward being set for the backpacking trip next week - work, home life, and school life are all pulling me in crazy directions, but in happy news I'm going to see Prince Caspian with Joce on Saturday, backpacking next week, heading up to see Amy at the end of May, having three special people getting married in the next five months, and in general doing well. Oh - and the Spurs are still hanging in there!! Not that I've had a chance to watch any games at all lately :( but still - woo hoo!


  1. So, can you explain the heading?!?

  2. Spurs in 7. The hornets are just too inexperienced. Oh yeah, and Chris Paul is overrated.

  3. That's also too bad about your esophagus. A friend/co-worker of mine also had (or has?) a hiatal hernia. He ended up getting surgery to adjust that valve or something. I think he actually got some hardware installed there to make sure stuff can go down but doesn't come back up. He is really glad he had the surgery. Up until then, it sure made him uncomfortable a lot.

  4. the heading - so if you click on it you'll go to a cool site that my friend Tom referred me to a few months ago - just cool stuff. And maybe it's an oblique reference to trying to put a positive spin on all this yucky-ness.
    definitely hope you're right about the Spurs, Ray! You're kind of on record out here!! ;)
    yeah, I'm hoping mine (hiatal hernia) isn't serious enough to need surgery... I for sure wouldn't have known about it at this point if it weren't for the other esoino-stuff. Thanks for the thoughts!!