Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It's kind of weird: there are several things "burninating" in my life right now. In no particular order:

burninatey thing 1: esophagus. So I went in Friday to get a follow-up endoscopy. Apparently I have a fairly screwed up esophagus and should really be on antacids the rest of my life, along with needing more tests for sprue and allergies to try to lessen the bad things that somethin is doing to me. I'm supposed to call in Thursday for the results of some more biopsies they did. Oh, and I have a hiatal hernia which I forgot that they had told me on my first endoscopy. I just found out my Grandma had one of those too, so I guess I'm in good company! Endoscopies: not recommended.

burninatey thing 2: soles. As in the Sole Burner! I did it. I didn't do outstandingly or anything, but I did manage to run most of the way! Zah hoo. I had fun hanging out with Barb & Marie before-hand, and - most importantly - we raised nearly $300 for the American Cancer Society. It was weird to be running/walking with 6000 other people... completely new experience for me. Newbie/outsider observation: you never see people's faces in such events. Just their backsides. This was only 5k; after a marathon you probably have to ask people to turn around so you can recognize 'em!

3: love. Have I mentioned Katie and Joel are ENGAGED?! I went wedding dress shopping with Katie and her mom Saturday afternoon and we had a great time. Will probably go again Friday afternoon.

4: backpacking stoves. I've been transitioning from reading up on backpacking in general to figuring out food/recipes. As of last count, there are six of us, and I'm kind of crazy about having good AND quick food in the middle of the wilderness. I've been dehydrating purple rice and venison burger so far, still need to do more rice and apples. Because I'm a geek - and we really were shooting around substantial amounts of e-mail to figure out the various details - I did throw out a shell of a wiki to help us coordinate it. We used one of these to help us coordinate the New Zealand trip, and that was helpful, and it's looking like this one will be too.

burninatey thing 5: need to finish class. I'd like to have it done by next Wednesday - an extremely aggressive goal considering all of the things going on that besides what's been mentioned above. *crossing fingers!*

And on a different note:

My beautiful cousin Abby was finally able to leave the hospital today. It's been a h***ish journey for her and her husband; they lost baby Harper Lee, and then Abby still had to get her colon removed last week. They're home now, and hopefully the recovery and healing will now take place. Please pray for them...

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