Sunday, January 06, 2008

Speed Limit: 8 MPH

Well, I got back from Germany and a Christmasy/New-Yearsy loop through Wisconsin/Minnesota in time to take down my wudgy wittle Christmas tree, go to work and do a bit of laundry before heading off to districts (the annual gathering of high schoolers in our denomination) for the weekend. Had a great time overall; Mike (the youth leader) is a bit of a rebel, so our group sort of walked to the beat of its own drum - definitely the way to go! Good speakers, good band, and the kids were awesome as usual. They're just fun people to be around. Our buddy Josh from St. Louis drove up to join us - we'll probably see him again when we go to St. Louis this summer! My only bad moment was when all the boys were up in their room watching football, and the girls decided to pull out the iPod and play musical tunes and dance to them. They're great people, but singing along to musicals is the opposite of a good time in my book... they were having a great time, and I didn't want to rain on their parade - but holy cow! I loved this pic: took it in the parking garage near the KI center. Think I need to plaster a poster of it on my wall at home!

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