Monday, October 08, 2007

please phoon

OK, this one made my day. Please, please, please phoon somewhere, take a picture, submit it, and share the link with me! I'll try to do one soon, and share it here!

I didn't know what phooning was before today, and I now see what a miserable, barren existence it was. I hate that when I'm miserable and I don't even know it!

It must be serendipitous: not only the above, but I believe it will also be confirmed shortly with tickets that I'm HEADING TO GERMANY FOR CHRISTMAS!! Yahoosey! My friend Deej will be alone there, and it's the only decent thing I can do. :)


  1. SWEET! Now that's a great Christmas - in der Vaterland:)

    have some Gl├╝hwien for me please!

  2. That's right - you can can give me all sorts of "inside-scoop" advice!

  3. Can't we all just Phoon along...