Sunday, September 30, 2007

I think I saw a weasel...

... for real! I was rambling through Bubolz Nature Preserve tonight, and as I approached a bridge, a small head popped up between the first and second slats and disappeared almost immediately. I was only 2-3 feet away, but I still tried passing off as an eggplant (had purple pants/green shirt on, which hopefully helped). As hoped for, the head popped out again, this time for long enough and with enough of the body for me to figure out that even though the head wasn't much bigger than a mouse's, the body was much longer and thinner than that tiny creature has any right to be. The head vanished again, and the show was repeated four or so times as the dude tried to figure me out. The next time he vanished I heard a tiny bit of scrambling, and the head popped out again, this time on the other edge of the bridge, still between the same two slats. My eggplant show must have been every bit as puzzling from that angle, because the head alternated several times between observing me at one edge of the bridge or the other, before finally giving up and disappearing altogether. After a short wait for the head's return, I looked up to see a couple that had to have been approaching me for a while. Embarrassed, but not wanting to pause to explain my stillness and absorption with bridge slats, I made a most abrupt and un-eggplant-like exit.

I looked it up later, and am almost certain it was a Least Weasel. The fact that it's not even a little bit endangered hardly discourages me at all, because as far as I know I've never seen one for my very own self before. Of course, reading of its aggressiveness makes me a little glad, after all, that he wasn't fooled by the eggplant gag. If I were a weasel on a mission, I would NOT allow a mountain-sized eggplant to in any way prevent me from doing whatever it was I was going to do before I saw it.

I've been busy online lately, just not here. I've updated info on the blog we created for my Dad, (I'd had recordings of his last 3 sermons for a while, but hadn't gotten around to formatting them /making them accessible. So that's finally done, along with some neat updates from my Aunt Lynnette), created a facebook account (I know, I know, but it IS way better than myspace), and found a sweet site:, where I can log the mad amounts of reading I've been doing lately. I can even put a widget here, so my latest reads are visible from my blog. It has me pretty excited, as I've wondered things before like "how many books did I read in the last year?", and this site will enable me to track that. And see what other people I like are up to, reading wise (hint, hint!).

I had a great weekend; hung out with Amy and Augusta and Sherman up in Iron River. We had fun talking, eating and - you won't believe it - clothes shopping in Duluth. Amy and Augusta (and Sherman, who was at home by himself), were amazingly patient. Having helpful and motivated people with you when you shop makes all the difference. It was something I was wayyy overdue on, but hadn't been able to motivate myself to do. We also made it to the food co-op, where I do like to shop. A lot! Amy's a member now, making it doubly wonderful. Most importantly, Augusta and I discovered that you can, after all, still buy thunder cookies singly, which made for quite a cheerful ride home!

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