Friday, September 03, 2010

trippin. road style.

As I think of it, I should check the mileage on my car. This summer has been jam-pack-filled with road trips. While I haven’t faithfully blogged about them, they have made for an interesting and busy summer. Backpacking in the Porkies. The St. Louis trip. Paddle trips along the Fox River or up in Lake Superior. Blueberry festivals and county fairs. Boomerang tournaments and road trips with friends “up north”. Weddings and family reunions. And of course – South Dakota!

Big Sky Yes, South Dakota. When Tammy and I figured out that no one else would be able to backpacking this weekend, we decided it was high time to do something spontaneous. Neither of us had seen Mt. Rushmore, and both of us already had Friday off. And since it’s “only” a 14-hour drive… well, you know the rest.

And here we are. We stayed in the Twin Cities at Aunt Corrine and Uncle Ron’s place last night to break up the driving a bit. After a lovely time and a filling breakfast, we found ourselves very, VERY much on the road. In spite of the sheer distance traveled on I-90, I could not say the trip was uneventful.

  • We discussed cannibalism.
  • We saw a tiny tumbleweed, cottonwoods, and sage brush.
  • We crossed the Missouri river (ok, that really was interesting… I couldn’t get over how dramatically the land seemed to shift from “Midwest” to “West” right as we crossed the river)
  • We listened to books on tape.
  • We saw signs for Wall Drug.

I know, I know, pretty cool stuff.


  1. That's awesome! Good for you gals! I hope you have a great time.

    My family and I went there when I was about 12, and we did a little horse trail ride up the hills. I was in heaven, of course :)

    Say hi to the presidents for me ;)

  2. we're going to try the horse trail ride tomorrow! Wish us luck!

    (and the pres's say hi back!) :)

  3. I remember stopping at Wall Drug on a roadtrip with my family. :)
    Sounds like you're enjoying the vast prairie.