Saturday, March 20, 2010

a March-ing in

I’m in Colorado at the moment, about to embark on another Yurt Trip (<—check out that link for a description of what we’ll be doing!). So I’m going to try to cram a few updates in before we leave – please forgive if this is a tad scattered!

IMG00024First, I went up to Amy & Tim’s 2 weekends ago for a lovely time of sleeping, talking, hanging out, and what might be the last of Wisconin’s x-c ski season for this winter. Amy and I got out on the After Hours trail and had an amazingly beautiful time in the north woods. IMG_0363 It’s so nice to go and be with them and have a pause in the midst of the busy-ness.

Then last weekend weekend, Dan was planning to come for the weekend – and he did, but it was rushed and crazy. He was supposed to fly into Appleton Friday night, and didn’t end up getting in till Saturday at 4 – and that was into Milwaukee! Grrrh! There were so many sca-fuffles with airlines and connections and baggage it could have been discouraging – but we really did have a nice time Saturday evening and Sunday till he had to fly out. And in the middle of that – I bought a kayak! IMG_0369 Dan and I had planned to go to Canoecopia in Madison (a big paddling expo) on Saturday, and when his flight was delayed I headed to the expo for a while. I wasn’t looking for a kayak, really, but I’d been wanting one since I had first gone paddling in like 2002. And the nice thing about renting and borrowing lots of boats through the years is that I think I have figured out what I’m looking for. This one was less than half of what I would have thought I’d be paying for the kayak of my dreams – so we’ll see if I think that’s what I think it is once I get it on the water. Bringing it back to Milwaukee, then Appleton was stressful – it kept slipping – so didn’t make Dan’s Wisconsin entry any smoother :( but he was a good sport and eventually it did make it here in one piece!

Ok, we’re starting to pack up the cars – so more later!

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