Tuesday, June 16, 2009

rant about people who clean

[rant] What is it with complaints about people who clean? I talked to someone recently who was laughing about how she and her colleagues had put a pea somewhere in their office just to see how long it would take the person who cleans to find it. Maybe I used to be in this camp, but golly people-who-don't-clean-for-a-living! Must we pick on people who make - how much an hour - picking up after US?! Are we really that sure that if cleaning was our job we'd do it better? I'm an indifferent enough cleaner of my own place that I have nothing but respect for people who get up every day and go and do the kind of work these folks do for the kind of pay they earn - and put up with hassling and disrespect on top of it. Yeah, I'm not saying everyone who cleans for a living is a martyred saint or anything. But there's got to be something better we could be doing with our lives....[/rant]

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