Thursday, August 09, 2007

motorbikes & little things

Tonight I went for a motorcycle ride with my friend Wendy. I haven't ridden it much this summer at all, as it was out of commission. I had forgotten how great it is to be tooling along a country rode in the midst of a sunset and the (varied!) smells of the country. We stopped at Tom's Drive In in Little Chute and had a great time catching up. Now I'm off to visit my buddy Jon at Barnes & Noble. I haven't seen him all summer either, and am looking forward to catching up. (I posted the photo for Joce, based on her comments!)

Current Reading:
I'm listening to Shadow of the Hegemon on tape, reading Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus for our book club (which is starting to bother me a tad - I may not finish), Kotter's Leading Change and Schon's The Reflective Practioner for work, and Wodehouse and C.S. Lewis to fill in the gaps (like when I leave a book in the car and am too lazy to run down and get it). Shadow of the Hegemon has me most absorbed right now, and I might cheat and go to printed soon because the pace drives me crazy!


  1. Ang,

    Hi Ang. I'm glad the bike's workin' again. I'm sorry, though, I still just can't picture you as a biker. Maybe given me a ride sometime would help me out!


  2. OK, I found proof! I have this pic back from 2004! ;) You can still get a ride though - any time!

  3. Whoa, is that a new dew on you?
    P.S. I'm impressed with how many books you can read at once... Me, I'm a one book at a time kinda guy, what's that be called? Monogomy?