Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Tajikistan - Wrapping up Kids Camp

The End of Kids Camp

Today we wrapped up the kids camp. It's actually a four-day program, but the fourth day, Friday, the kids will go to the mountains for a swimming day. Angela, Eric and Kelley will go on a one-day relief trip with Ping, and Andrew, Shannon and the Lovetts will take the kids to the mountains.

We began our time with singing. It was Andrew's first time playing guitar in front of people and he did very well. Kelley and Angela had fun leading the singing for the kids. Then we did a skit. Justin was a regular guy and Kelley and Rachel were bad guys that tried to distract him with many harmful things. Angela was a good guy who came to his rescue. The kids liked it - "I want to see it again!" I guess they're used to videos that you can rewind and watch repeatedly! Rachel followed the skit up with a talk about resisting temptation and making good choices.

Then we had time in our small groups. The small kids made salvation bracelets and then played with play-dough. We next went outside for lunch and games before heading over to the Lovett's for more trampoline jumping, cold-water dunking and movie junking!


Later the Hissor team (Forrest, Misty and Denny) came back for one evening, in order to give a rest to their host family (who had been graciously hosting a team of 9 teachers for the week!). It was wonderful to catch up and swap stories.

After a bit of catching up, we joined a bunch of CADA workers for an update meeting where we sang and heard them share. It was great to hear about the amazing things they're doing in many areas of the country. Prison work, water purification, teaching English, and much more. It was great to hear their stories and learn how to think about them in the future.

We wrapped up the evening with a huge meal of stuffed peppers and potatoes (excellent!) and more updates from the Hissor team.
Singing with the kids 
Andrew, Kelley, and Angela helping lead singing

Kelley and Rachel trying to keep Justin from seeing Angela

Those bad guys don't stand a chance!

Kelley and Pam, listening

Eric with his buddies Kieran and Menke

Rachel giving the lesson

Kieran as a hammock

How did Adrianne get such long arms?!

Playing "Statues"

Having fun with play dough

Play dough cosmetics

Group shot of Eric and Angela's group

Group Shot II (ok, NOW you can be goofy!)

Bubblegum, bubblegum in a dish, how many people can you cram in a Land Rover?

Kelley with her small group

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